Farnam Equisect Botanical Fly Repellent: A Must-Have for Fly-Free Bliss!

Hey there! Looking for a fly repellent that works like a charm? Well, look no further because I’ve got just the thing for you. Introducing the Farnam Equisect Botanical Fly Repellent! This amazing spray not only kills those pesky flies, but also keeps gnats and mosquitoes at bay. And the best part? It’s not just for horses, but also for dogs, cats, and their premises. So, get ready to say goodbye to those annoying bugs and hello to fly-free bliss with Farnam Equisect Botanical Fly Repellent!

Farnam Equisect Botanical Fly Repellent, 32oz

Great value!
The Farnam Equisect Botanical Fly Repellent is an affordable and effective solution for fly problems. While there may be some packaging issues, the product is safe for dogs to lick and provides great value for the price.
Effective Fly Repellent
  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Safe for dogs to lick
  • Packaging could be improved, as the product arrived with some damage and leakage
  • The spray nozzle may not work properly and may result in excessive product usage

Introducing the Farnam Equisect Botanical Fly Repellent for Horses, Dogs, and Cats! This amazing product is here to help you defend your beloved animals against disease-carrying pests. With its powerful formula, it not only kills but also repels five different fly species, gnats, and mosquitoes. Say goodbye to those annoying pests buzzing around your furry friends!

What makes this product even more incredible is its versatility. Not only can it be used on horses, but it is also safe for dogs, cats, and even their premises! Now you can protect all your pets with just one convenient bottle. It’s like having a complete insecticide and repellent solution at your fingertips!

One of the best features of this fly repellent is its non-oily, water-based spray. Unlike other products that leave a greasy residue, this formula is lightweight and easy to apply. Your pets won’t be bothered by any sticky or uncomfortable feeling after application. It’s a win-win for both you and your furry companions!

Product Details
  • Versatile Protection: The Farnam Equisect Botanical Fly Repellent is suitable for use on horses, dogs, and cats, making it a convenient solution for multiple pets in your household
  • Effective Formula: This repellent is formulated with botanical ingredients that effectively repel flies, mosquitoes, ticks, and gnats, providing reliable protection for your beloved animals
  • Quart Spray Bottle: The Farnam Equisect comes in a generous 32-ounce quart spray bottle, ensuring you have enough repellent to cover your pets without having to constantly refill
  • Long-lasting Performance: With its powerful formula, this repellent offers long-lasting protection, helping to keep flies and other pests away from your horses, dogs, and cats for extended periods
  • Safe for Use: The Farnam Equisect is made with natural ingredients, making it safe for use on animals. It does not contain any harsh chemicals that could potentially harm your pets
  • Easy Application: The spray bottle design allows for easy and precise application of the repellent, ensuring that you can evenly distribute the product on your pets’ coats with minimal effort

So, if you’re looking for an effective and convenient solution to keep flies, gnats, and mosquitoes at bay, look no further than the Farnam Equisect Botanical Fly Repellent. Trust me, your horses, dogs, and cats will thank you for it!

Buzz off, pesky flies!
  • Kills and repels five fly species, gnats and mosquitoes
  • Can be used on horses, dogs, cats, and their premises
  • Non-oily, water-based spray
  • Convenient bottle size of 32 ounces

A Game-Changer for Fly Problems!

Having a big backyard means dealing with a lot of flies, and boy, were they driving my dogs crazy! That’s when I decided to give the Farnam Equisect Botanical Fly Repellent a try, and boy, am I glad I did! This product has truly made a difference in our lives and our dogs’ comfort.

Effective and Reliable

We’ve tried other fly repellent products in the past, but none of them compare to the effectiveness of the Farnam Equisect Botanical Fly Repellent. After spraying it on our dogs and around the areas they frequent, we noticed a significant decrease in the number of flies. It’s been a true relief for both us and our furry friends.

Pleasant Smell and Great Value

One of the things I appreciate about this repellent is that it has a pleasant smell, which is not terribly offensive. It’s definitely better than what I expected. Plus, when it comes to value, this product is a winner. It’s priced competitively compared to similar products in the market, making it a cost-effective solution to our fly problem.

Packaging Issues

While the product itself is fantastic, I did encounter some issues with the packaging. When it arrived, there was no cover on the spraying nozzle, and it wasn’t properly wrapped. Consequently, there was some leakage, which resulted in lost product. I also found that the spray nozzle didn’t work at all, which was disappointing. However, I had a spare spray bottle to transfer the contents to, which solved the problem.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Farnam Equisect Botanical Fly Repellent is a game-changer for anyone dealing with fly problems. It’s effective, reliable, and provides great value for the price. While there were some packaging issues, they were easily resolved by transferring the product to a different spray bottle. Don’t let flies ruin your outdoor experience, give this repellent a try and enjoy a fly-free environment for you and your pets!

Equisect Botanical Fly Repellent: Keep Flies Away the Natural Way!

Choosing the Best Fly Repellent and Protection Products for Your Horse

When it comes to selecting fly repellent and fly protection products for horses, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, you’ll want to look for a product that is specifically designed for horses, as their needs can differ from other animals. Next, it’s important to choose a repellent that is effective against a wide range of flies, including biting flies, horse flies, and gnats. Look for fly sprays or creams that contain ingredients like pyrethrin or permethrin, as these are known to repel flies effectively. Additionally, consider the duration of protection offered by the product, as some may need to be reapplied more frequently than others. Lastly, take into account any specific needs or sensitivities your horse may have, as some products may be more suitable for horses with sensitive skin or respiratory issues. Always follow the instructions provided on the product label, and consult with your veterinarian if you have any concerns. With the right fly repellent and protection products, you can help keep your horse comfortable and happy during fly season.

  • Authenticity: Ensure that the product you are purchasing is a genuine Farnam Equisect Botanical Fly Repellent. Look for the official Farnam logo and packaging to ensure you are getting the real deal
  • Size: Check that the product is indeed the 32oz size you are looking for. Sometimes, similar products may have different sizes, so be sure to double-check the label or product description
  • Ingredients: Familiarize yourself with the ingredients used in the fly repellent. Farnam Equisect Botanical Fly Repellent is known for its natural and botanical ingredients, so make sure it contains the right blend of plant-based repellents that you are comfortable using
  • Effectiveness: Read customer reviews or product descriptions to gauge the effectiveness of the fly repellent. Look for feedback from people who have used it to repel flies effectively
  • Application: Consider how the product is applied. Does it come with a spray nozzle or do you need to purchase one separately? Ensure that the application method suits your needs and preferences
  • Safety: Check if the repellent is safe to use on your desired animals. Farnam Equisect Botanical Fly Repellent is typically labeled as safe for use on horses, but it’s always a good idea to verify this information before purchasing
  • Price: Compare prices from different sellers or websites to make sure you are getting a fair deal. However, remember that quality is also essential, so don’t solely base your decision on price

Is the Farnam Equisect Botanical Fly Repellent, 32oz, not the right fit for you? Here are some warning signs to help you decide!

  • Species-specific: While this product claims to repel flies for horses, dogs, and cats, it’s important to note that each species has different needs and sensitivities. If you’re specifically looking for a fly repellent for only one particular species, this product might not be the ideal choice
  • Size and quantity: The “32 Ounces, Quart Spray” indicates the size and quantity of the product. If you’re looking for a smaller or larger size, or if you prefer a different application method, this particular product might not meet your needs
  • Ingredients: Some individuals may have specific allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients. It’s always a good idea to review the list of ingredients to ensure they won’t cause any adverse reactions for you or your pets
  • Alternative preferences: Different individuals have different preferences when it comes to product formulations. If you prefer natural or organic products, it’s worth checking if this product aligns with your preferences

Understanding the Fly Repellent Lingo

  • Horse fly: A type of large, biting fly that commonly bothers horses and other livestock. Horse flies can be a nuisance, causing pain and irritation to animals
  • Repellent: A substance that is used to keep something, in this case, horse flies, away. Horse fly repellents are designed to discourage flies from landing on horses by emitting certain odors or chemicals that repel them
  • Candles: In the context of horse fly repellents, candles refer to the product’s form. These are usually wax-based candles that are specifically formulated to repel horse flies when burned
  • Active ingredients: The specific chemicals or compounds present in horse fly repellent candles that are responsible for repelling horse flies. These active ingredients can vary and might include natural oils, such as citronella or eucalyptus, or synthetic chemicals
  • Citronella: A commonly used natural oil derived from certain grass varieties. Citronella is known for its strong scent, which is effective in repelling insects, including horse flies. It is a frequently used active ingredient in horse fly repellent candles
  • Eucalyptus: Another natural oil commonly used in horse fly repellents. Eucalyptus oil has properties that are unpleasant to horse flies, making it an effective ingredient in repelling them
  • Burn time: The duration for which a horse fly repellent candle can burn continuously. The burn time can vary depending on the size and formulation of the candle and is an important factor to consider when purchasing these products
  • Outdoor use: Horse fly repellent candles are typically designed for use in outdoor environments. This terminology indicates that the candles are most effective when used in open spaces, such as pastures or stables, where horse flies are commonly found

Protect your furry friends from pesky flies with Farnam Equisect Botanical Fly Repellent. Keep them comfortable and fly-free with this natural and effective solution.

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