ECOFLEX Mojave Reptile Habitat Lounge: A Cozy Haven for Your Cold-Blooded Friends

Welcome to my product review post, where I’ll be introducing you to the ECOFLEX Mojave Reptile Habitat Lounge! If you’re looking for a cozy haven for your cold-blooded friends, you’ve come to the right place. This reptile habitat is made of a non-toxic recycled plastic-wood polymer composite material, ensuring both the safety of your pets and our planet. With its vented side panels providing optimal ventilation, your reptiles will be able to bask in comfort. However, it’s important to note that this habitat is not watertight, so it may not be suitable for animals needing standing water. Now, let’s dive into the details of this fantastic product!

ECOFLEX Mojave Reptile Habitat Lounge
Highly recommended!
The New Age Pet ECOFLEX 36″ Mojave Medium Reptile Habitat Lounge in Grey is a great choice for reptile owners. With its easy assembly, sturdy design, and thoughtful features, it provides a comfortable and secure habitat for your pet. While there are a couple of minor drawbacks, such as scratches on the glass doors and no hole for wiring, overall, this product comes highly recommended.
  • Easy to set up
  • Sturdy construction
  • Clear instructions
  • Versatile ventilation options
  • Easy access for cleaning and feeding
  • Glass doors are of good quality
  • Minor scratches on the glass doors
  • No hole for wiring

The “New Age Pet ECOFLEX 36″ Mojave Medium Reptile Habitat Lounge in Grey” is an exceptional product that brings together both functionality and sustainability. Made from ECOFLEX, a non-toxic recycled plastic-wood polymer composite material, this habitat lounge offers a durable and eco-friendly solution for housing your reptiles.

One of the standout features of this habitat lounge is its strong and resilient construction. The ECOFLEX material ensures that the habitat won’t warp, crack, or split, providing a long-lasting and reliable home for your reptiles. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that your pets are housed in a secure and stable environment.

Another notable feature of the “New Age Pet ECOFLEX 36” Mojave Medium Reptile Habitat Lounge is its excellent ventilation system. With vented side panels, the habitat allows for optimal airflow, ensuring that your reptiles have access to fresh air at all times. However, it’s important to note that this unit is not watertight and should not be used for animals that require standing water in their enclosures.

In addition to its practicality, this habitat lounge also comes in a stylish grey color, adding a modern touch to any room or enclosure. Its sleek design makes it a great addition to your home decor while also providing a comfortable living space for your reptiles.

Product Specifications
  • Spacious Design: The Mojave Medium Reptile Habitat Lounge provides ample space for your reptiles to roam and relax comfortably
  • Eco-friendly Material: Made from ECOFLEX, a durable and environmentally-friendly composite material that is resistant to moisture, pests, and rot
  • Easy Assembly: The habitat lounge can be quickly and easily assembled without the need for any special tools or skills
  • Ventilation System: It features a well-designed ventilation system that ensures optimal airflow to keep your reptiles healthy and comfortable
  • Removable Lid: The habitat lounge has a removable lid for easy access during cleaning and maintenance
  • Stylish Grey Finish: The sleek grey finish adds a touch of modernity to your reptile’s habitat, making it an attractive addition to any room

Overall, the “New Age Pet ECOFLEX 36″ Mojave Medium Reptile Habitat Lounge in Grey” is a fantastic choice for reptile owners who prioritize both quality and sustainability. With its durable construction, excellent ventilation, and stylish design, it offers a perfect habitat solution for your beloved reptilian friends.

Comfortable and Stylish Reptile Haven
  • Made of non-toxic recycled plastic-wood polymer composite material
  • Will not warp, crack or split
  • Vented side panels for optimal ventilation
  • Not watertight and not suitable for animals needing standing water

I recently purchased the New Age Pet ECOFLEX 36″ Mojave Medium Reptile Habitat Lounge in Grey for my leopard gecko, and I must say that I am quite pleased with my purchase. The attention to detail in this enclosure is impressive, and it provides a comfortable and secure habitat for my pet. In this review, I will share my thoughts based on the feedback from other customers.

Easy Assembly and Sturdy Design

One of the standout features of this reptile habitat is how easy it is to put together. The included instructions were clear, and all the parts came in good condition. Unlike other products that require a traditional Phillips or Allen wrench, this enclosure comes with its own tool for screwing in the PVC screws. Although I initially had concerns about striping either the tool or the screw head, I applied heavy pressure and didn’t encounter any issues. They even included a second tool as a backup, which was a thoughtful addition. The resulting enclosure feels sturdy and doesn’t feel loose when moving it around.

Thoughtful Design Features

The design of the New Age Pet ECOFLEX 36″ Mojave Medium Reptile Habitat Lounge offers a lot of flexibility. It allows for open ventilation or the option to cover the top, depending on the needs of your pet. I found it incredibly easy to mount a heat lamp through the rear using a hole saw. Additionally, the glass doors are removable, making it convenient to access my pet, clean the enclosure, or feed them without any hassle. The only minor drawback is that the glass doors tend to rattle when someone walks by. However, this issue was easily resolved by placing a strip of folded paper towel over the glass and taping it in place, providing a more snug fit and eliminating the rattling noise.

Minor Drawbacks, but Still Highly Recommended

While the New Age Pet ECOFLEX 36″ Mojave Medium Reptile Habitat Lounge has many positive aspects, a couple of minor drawbacks should be noted. Firstly, there are no access holes for wiring, which can be inconvenient if you need to thread any wires into the enclosure. However, a simple solution is to use one of the screw holes meant for the lid, slightly widening it if necessary. Secondly, some customers mentioned receiving the glass with minor scratches. Though this could be improved, it didn’t significantly impact the overall quality of the product.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, I highly recommend the New Age Pet ECOFLEX 36″ Mojave Medium Reptile Habitat Lounge in Grey for leopard geckos or similar pets. The sturdy construction and easy assembly make it a worthwhile investment. The thoughtful design features, such as the removable glass doors and options for ventilation, provide a comfortable and secure living space. While there are a few minor inconveniences, such as the potential for minor scratches on the glass and the lack of access holes for wiring, these do not outweigh the overall benefits of this terrarium. I am delighted with my purchase, and my leopard gecko loves her new habitat!

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Choosing the Perfect Home for Your Scaley Friend

When it comes to selecting a reptile habitat or terrarium, there are a few key factors to consider. First and foremost, it’s important to choose an enclosure that is appropriate for the specific reptile you are keeping. Take into account the size, temperature, and humidity requirements of the species. Additionally, the material of the habitat is crucial – glass or acrylic enclosures are popular choices as they provide good visibility and retain heat well. Make sure the habitat has proper ventilation and a secure locking mechanism. It’s also essential to consider the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Finally, don’t forget to add some natural elements like rocks, branches, and plants to create a comfortable and stimulating environment for your reptile friend.

  • Size: Consider the size of the habitat lounge and make sure it is suitable for your reptile. Ensure that it provides enough space for your pet to move around comfortably
  • Material: Check the material used in the construction of the habitat lounge. ECOFLEX is known for its eco-friendly composite material, which is durable and resistant to moisture and rot
  • Ventilation: Look for proper ventilation in the habitat lounge, as reptiles require good airflow to maintain their well-being. Ensure that there are enough openings or vents for fresh air circulation
  • Accessibility: Check if the habitat lounge has easy access points for cleaning and feeding. A removable top or doors that open widely can make it easier for you to interact with your reptile and maintain its habitat
  • Design and Aesthetics: Consider the overall design and aesthetics of the habitat lounge. Make sure it suits your taste and complements the surroundings of your home. You can find different colors and styles to match your preferences
  • Security: Ensure that the habitat lounge provides secure housing for your reptile. Look for features like strong locks or latches to prevent any accidental escapes
  • Easy Assembly: Consider the ease of assembly when purchasing the habitat lounge. Look for one that comes with clear instructions and requires minimal effort to set up
  • Additional Features: Check if the habitat lounge offers any additional features that can enhance your reptile’s comfort. These may include built-in heating or lighting options, hiding spots, or climbing structures
  • Price: Compare prices from different sellers to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. However, remember that quality and functionality should not be compromised for a lower price
  • Customer Reviews: Before making a final decision, read customer reviews and ratings of the ECOFLEX Mojave Reptile Habitat Lounge. This will give you valuable insight into the experiences of other reptile owners who have already purchased and used the product

Is the ECOFLEX Mojave Reptile Habitat Lounge the right fit for you? Look out for these warning signs.

  • Size: If you have a small reptile or limited space, the 36″ size of this habitat might be too large for your needs. It’s always important to consider the dimensions of the product and ensure it will fit comfortably in your desired location
  • Material: The “ECOFLEX” material used in this habitat might not be suitable for all reptiles. It’s crucial to research whether this material is safe and appropriate for your specific reptile species, as some reptiles may require different types of enclosures

Learn the Lingo!

  • Terrarium: A terrarium refers to an enclosed container or enclosure specifically designed to house reptiles. It provides a controlled environment that mimics the natural habitat of the reptile
  • Substrate: Substrate refers to the material or bedding placed at the bottom of the reptile habitat. It can be made of various materials such as reptile carpet, sand, soil, or bark, and provides a suitable surface for reptiles to move around on
  • UVB Lighting: UVB lighting is a type of light that emits ultraviolet-B rays. It is crucial for reptiles as it helps them synthesize Vitamin D3, which is essential for proper calcium absorption and overall bone health
  • Basking Spot: A basking spot is an area within the reptile habitat that is equipped with a heat source, such as a heat lamp or heat mat. It provides a warm spot for reptiles to regulate their body temperature and aids in their overall digestion and metabolism
  • Hygrometer: A hygrometer is a device used to measure the humidity level inside the reptile habitat. Maintaining appropriate humidity is important for reptiles as it helps them shed their skin properly and promotes overall respiratory health

Discover the perfect reptile habitat lounge for your scaly friend with the New Age Pet ECOFLEX 36 Mojave in Grey. Create a cozy and stylish space where your reptile can relax and feel at home.

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